In 2008 Salut! Wine Co. made a dramatic push toward “going green” with efforts to reduce waste, offer eco-friendly products, wines and services, and make our customers aware of the benefits of taking care of our environment and surrounding community. We’ve already taken many steps to improve our “carbon footprint”:
Salut! Wine Co. Recycles

  • We recycle all of our glass, plastic and paper refuse, reducing our waste by nearly 80%.
  • We ask customers to bring us their wine shipping containers to re-use again and again.
  • We use our shredded documents as packing materials in baskets and to cushion products during shipping.
  • We focus on local Northwest wines which support our economy while reducing shipping distance & time.

There were several reasons for going green…mainly that there really is no down-side.  With Vancouver offering so many services in recycling, we’re actually saving money and time!  With focus, my personal household trash is so low I’ve cut back to once-a-month pick up.  We now rarely need to purchase packing materials or shipping containers.  We’re even enjoying the deeper relationships we’re building with Northwest wineries and local businesses. 

  • Help us in our efforts! Use this link to print a flyer about 10 Simple Steps you can take to GO GREEN
  • Save a little bit every day by using Blackle instead of Google…it’s the same search engine, but with a black, energy-saving background instead of white
  • There’s a great National Geographic website dedicated to “going green” to help you with a deeper understanding and reference of this topic.  Head to
Recycling corks is simple

Recycling corks is simple

Salut! Wine Co. is also encouraging customers to recycle and reuse corks. There are several methods we can recommend.

  1. Bring them to Whole Foods locations around the Northwest to participate in Willamette Valley Vineyards’ Cork Reharvest program
  2. Put natural cork in your yard debris or compost bin. It biodegrades easily and is a great mulch when composted.
  3. Mail them to one of several green products companies or recycling programs throughout the U.S. including:

Yemm & Hart, a green materials company is looking for a half-ton of corks to begin manufacturing coasters, clipboards, and flooring. Do the right thing and send your corks by USPS or UPS to:

Wine Cork Recycling
Yemm & Hart Ltd
1417 Madison 308
Marquand MO 63655-9153

Korks 4 Kids” is a campaign just recently launched in Pennsylvania. This program is accepting wine corks, as well as cork product from consumers, restaurants, hotels and other organizations to recycle. A charitable contribution from recycling the cork will be distributed to charities to help sick children. For more information on this Cork Recycling Program:
Recycle Cork USA, LLC.
Korks 4 Kids
510 Wynwood Road
York, Pennsylvania 17402

Email and get an authorization #, then mail them to:
Cork Recycling
The Widget Mfg. Co., Inc.
12503 Exchange Dr., Suite 500
Stafford, TX 77477

Recycle wine corks by sending them prepaid to:
Coldwater Market
Attn: Cathy
P.O. Box 796
Coldwater, MS 38618