Wine TipsMany people are only mildly familiar with Port wine, having tried it once or twice, usually on a budget. The fortified nature of Port (a bit of Brandy is added to the wine before all the sugars have fermented) give it several qualities perfect for enjoyment in the winter

1) As we spend more time indoors, a relaxing finish to an evening in can take the form of a small glass of Port instead of a heavy calorie-laden dessert

2) The warming effect of the slightly higher alcohol keeps us warmer in cooler weather

3) Port wines can be opened and enjoyed for weeks, unlike most wines which need to be consumed quickly. We recommend spending twice as much as you would on a normal bottle, to spoil you with sips of a better Port over weeks instead of a single bottle of regular wine enjoyed in a few hours.

Dow’s, one of the world’s oldest and most respected Port wine producers, published a great, concise brochure about port that we have scanned and posted to our website at

Don’t miss one of the Northwest’s biggest Port tasting events…at Salut! Wine Co.  February 27th & 28th, and March 1st marks our 3 day Port Tasting Weekend.  Details are featured on our website at

If you’d like to begin a journey to learn everything you always wanted to know about these great wines, check out these selected links: – Wikipedia’s reference – A slick and polished representation of all information Port, by Dow’s  – A funky site with in-depth and non-commercial Port information