Wine TipsGetting oxygen into your red wines is a vital part of your enjoyment of each bottle. As wines aerate, the flavors soften, blend, and bloom over time. Our wine culture in America hasn’t been nearly emphatic enough about allowing the process to happen, until now!  The problem is, if you pour wine directly from the bottle into a glass, the tendency especially for guests is to drink immediately, before the wine is ready.

After reading quite a few pages trying to describe the process of “decanting” and “aerating” wines, I think the most helpful and accurate information can be found at

Also, Gary Vaynerchuk of Wine Library TV constructed a video info-demo episode concerning decanting: 

The market is full of great tools to help you drink no wine before its time (usually about 10-25 minutes), and Salut! Wine Co. carries many of them, hand selected as the best items available in the market.

Wine Decanters

Pouring wine into any glass vessel will allow the wine to breathe without people drinking it early. We carry decanters priced from $19.99. Online is a full selection of Riedel decanters in our eBay store!

Wine Aerating Funnels

Wine funnels give a larger pouring area than the opening of a decanter allows, and add a filtering screen to take out the sediment from unfiltered or aged wines. It also injects the wine with more oxygen as you pour wine into the decanter. Its a great addition to anyone’s wine tools.

Wine Aerating pourers

The newest gadget helps aerate wines as they pour from the bottle into the glass, bypassing the need to decant most Under-$20 bottles! From $24.99 to $40, these are fantastic gifts for any connoisseur.  Our full selection of Aerating funnels and pourers can be found in our eBay store as well.

So if you’re trying to add to your wine gadgetry, or want to get something to accent someone else’s collection, try one of these ideas, or even a drying stand for the decanter, or some cleaning brushes or crystal rinse. We’ve got what you need to enjoy every wine.