Trying to keep track of how much you’re drinking at a party?  You can use your paper wine glass tag!  

After one or two drinks, not only is your driving and judgement impaired, but your ability to keep a mental number of how many drinks you’ve had becomes difficult.   By keeping track on your stemware tag you can be confident throughout the night knowing how much you’ve had to drink.  Just use a pen to make a tick-mark for each glass you’ve had, or, in leiu of a pen, simply make a tear mark for each drink.

We’ve posted a handy sheet of stemware tags on our website at for your use, or you can purchase pre-cut tags from Epic Products in our store. 

Our stem marker even includes handy reminders to drink a glass of water between each drink of alcohol.  This habit tempers your drinking, rinses your teeth of stains, helps you enjoy the flavors of each wine more, and is an outstanding method for staving off headaches! 


Print our marker on your choice of paper to match your decor or event for a touch of festivity and as a tool for your guests, or just print some for yourself to use.  Enjoy!