Acidity is what makes foods palatable, but too much acidity makes wine taste tart.  If you’re tasting too much acidity in a wine, here are a few ways to adjust or adapt:

  • Your first sip of the day will always be the most acidic.  Try not to judge your first wine of the day until a few sips go by unjudged.
  • Chilling any wine will help dampen the perception of acidity.  Even 15 minutes in a refrigerator will help.
  • Red wines above 70 degrees will be very acidic.  There’s nothing wrong with chilling them down a little below 70 or keeping them in a cooler when you’re out at a picnic on a warm day.
  • Eat cheese, tomato-based sauces, or vinaigrettes to tone down the perception of acidity in wines.
  • It’s possible you have an ‘oxidized’ bottle if it is overpowering and smells of vinegar.   It’s important to keep your bottles at a stable temperature under 70 degrees until you enjoy them.  Temperature fluctuations will cause oxidized bottles.
  • There’s always the possibility that you’ve purchased bad quality wine!  Be sure to shop at a reputable wine shop like Salut!