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Michael-David isn’t the California winery name most people know…their marketing efforts concentrate more on each of their individual Lodi wines & brands, including the shop favorite and ultra-popular 7 Deadly Zins Zinfandel.  The Earthquake Zin is one of 4 middle-tier wines, and it is a stunner!  “Get Ready for the Big One”!  It’s not for the timid.

9222The winery explains why…”Groundshaking Zinfandel fruit awakens the nose with dried plum and deep cocoa. Brambley blackberry and rich cocoa balance out the bold tannins, leaving the mouth with a warm lasting finish.” It represents the bold and in-your face, high-octane (15.9% alcohol) style of many California Zin releases.  In this case, it delivers the power PLUS the big-body dark fruit it should.

Some believe that alcohol levels this high are trendy and too high, especially in California Zinfandels.  The levels would be too high if the fruit character didn’t back the alcohol up.  Just like Port wines, higher alcohol simply creates a different style, and it’s up to the drinker to decide at what time to enjoy it.  This is a well-made monster, and is waiting to be enjoyed when a wine drinker like you wants to be jolted by the strength.

This wine is no longer available online at Salut! Wine Co.

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