Having a positive outlook on life is a great tip for anyone.  We all want to be around people who can bring an upbeat turn to our day!  But is there any positive light to shed on experiencing a bad wine?  Of course!


Fine wine is art, and the enjoyment of art is an ‘appreciation’ of the art form, not just thinking it looks (or tastes) pretty.  “Appreciating” art requires a base of knowledge – an understanding of the past, the difficulty, the goal, and the audience.  Every wine demonstrates another rendition of winemaking, good or bad.   Drinking it is the only way to gain experiences.  And the more you know about the wine you didn’t enjoy, the better!

The best movie critics don’t just go to the best movies, the great art historians know all levels of expertise, the best architects learn what falls down first, and the best wine aficionados drink bad wines sometimes.

Not all wine is “fine wine”.   Grocery store brands can truly be terrible sometimes, but sampling them is still the only way to know and appreciate the better wines, and to recognize what you enjoy best.  Don’t dismay over your sampling of bad wines…revel in the fact that you’ve gained the experiences required to avoid it next time, and you can help others avoid the same mistake. 

You’re a learned expert now!  Be happy!