Are you seeking out a fun and unique way to open a celebratory bottle of bubbly?

A sabre can be used to open a Champagne bottle with great ceremony. This technique is called sabrage. Sabrage does not involve a slicing motion. To properly execute, one should:

Select a sabre with a short blade and broad back

Use the back, not the cut of the blade

Hold the bottle on its low part, the wire cage removed

Touch and slide the blade alongside the bottle until it hits the swelling on the bottleneck. The jolt will break the bottle and its tip will fly away in a trajectory

Have part of the spray spill out to wash away splinters

Watch a video demonstration at

Do not touch the top of the bottle after opening; it is likely to have razor sharp edges

And a last bit of money saving advice…don’t do this at home, but if you decide to try, be sure to practice first on a few inexpensive bottles of Spanish Cava before you sabrage your ’96 Krug!