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A rice wine made for American palates

A rice wine made for American palates

Forest Grove is home to one of the finest Sake producers in America…there aren’t many.  You can count the good ones on one hand.  If you haven’t yet visited the Momokawa/SakeOne brewery, it’s time.  There, you can sample through a wide range of choices from sweet to bone dry, creamy to light and airy.

We held a tasting event at Salut! Wine Co. a while back, and discovered just how above-the-pack this release rested.  With sexy balanced flavors of melon and light pear, it hits the palate just right with a heft of heat (18-20% alcohol).  If you don’t pair it with Asian cuisine, feel free to put it up against a fruity, spicy sauce over chicken or white fish. 

This wine is available at Salut! Wine Co. for $18.99, or available to wine club members for only $16.14!

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