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The success of the Gnarly Head $10 value label brought us two revisions to the popular Old Vine Zinfandel-only release — First, last year Gnarly Head Cellars brought out several other varietals including Merlot, Cabernet, Pinot Gris and Chardonnay.  Although all were good, they didn’t represent the value that the Old Vine Zinfandel continues to offer up.  This vintage, however, Gnarly Head released a “reserve” level Gnarlier Zinfandel from the single vineyard source Sommers Vineyard in the Dry Creek Valley.

gnarlierhead2005“Dive nose-first into this dense, garnet-colored, single vineyard Zinfandel to find aromas of spicy cloves, fresh summer berry jam and cedar. Gnarlier Head Zin makes a big, round, rich first impression on the palate with explosions of juicy dark berries, ripe plums, wild raspberries and hints of vanilla, mocha and pepper. This rush of flavors is supported by solid tannins, so the flavor lingers.”

For $18.99, you need to experience the fun and bold fruit.  It continues to tell a long, rambling, brambly story on the palate with plenty of dark fruits and mild drying tannins.  Pair it with spicier, drier foods such as peppered salmon, cajun white meats, and other less-saucy fare — the wine will create the sauce on your palate as lingering food spices combine with the dark fruit in the wine.  As a glass-pour wine without food, it has a more casual and care-free personality, ready for an afternoon of absolutely no exertion.  Sit and enjoy!

This wine is available at Salut! Wine Co. for $18.99, or available to wine club members for only $16.99!

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