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In Vancouver there’s a near cult following for this wine, discovered by most while at restaurants and universally agreed upon as a great wine.  Usually, this is due to a pairing with a great cut of beef or casual but hearty red-meat fare.  The spice in this syrah is dramatic, while the personality is evident.  S7osyeuIt’s a brash, unpolished sort, with a gritty attitude and a dark side even though it is always good.  The best part is the affordable price.  At about $20, you never have to feel guilty about enjoying this bottle so much.  Go ahead and have another glass! 

It’s the fruit source that allows such great quality in the bottle.  Fruit from the Yakima Valley achieves a greater ripeness under the blasting summer sun in Eastern Washington.  Thankfully, Owen Roe has no qualms about crossing the border to access Northwest fruit instead of xenophobically sticking to Oregon’s limitations with this varietal. 

The winery’s website explains “‘Ex Umbris’ is Latin for “out of the shadows”. The Syrah for this wine comes from several sites. Fruit from Bruce Morford’s Slide Mountain Vineyard and Mike Sauer’s Red Willow Vineyard, both located in western Yakima Valley, is balanced by the cooler, smoky Lewis Vineyard in The Dalles, and the unctuous fruitiness of Elerding vineyard located in Alderdale, WA. The cooler temperatures of the 2007 fall helped to preserve great acidity of the fruit both from the Columbia Valley. The current vintage exhibits all the fragrance, texture, and deep plum/gamey characteristics of great Syrah.”

There’s always enough of this great wine to go around, and the past few vintages have all been great.  Allow this wine to sit around for about 6 months (sometime around December ’09 or later) and you’ll be well rewarded with the first tinges of velvet smoothness, as if this brash ragamuffin has just seen the first term of charm school.

This wine is regularly sold for $22.99, but is available only to wine club members for $19.99!

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