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There’s a lot of Malbec out there nowadays!  Once a relatively obscure grape grown in France’s Cahors region (and still blended in Bordeaux style blends in France or around the world), Washington is now growing quite a bit of it!  Barnard Griffin, Beresan, Columbia Winery, Dusted Valley Vineyards, Fidelitas and many more wineries are making single-varietal examples nowadays.  In each case, the somewhat-drier, darker-fruit characters show through with enough light spice to create a match for ultra-flavorful foods such as Mexican, Spanish, Indian and Cajun fare. 

Bodega Lurton MalbecBut it’s Argentina that has developed a world-wide reputation around Malbec.  The economics help…labor is cheap and so is the transportation to get it up here to North America.  What we receive are outstanding wines at great value, including the delicious Bodega Lurton Reserve Malbec we just discovered at a recent trade tasting event. 

Bodega Lurton is just one of five countries in which the Frenchmen Francois and Jacques have stretched their winemaking arms.  Since the late 80’s Francois has handled the business end while Jacques has created the wines from grapes grown in France, Chile, Portugal, Spain and Argentina. 

This particular example is a feather in the cap of great red value wines, with a dry finish allowing the light spice to smoothly flow off the palate.  Ultra-fine tannins help dry out the palate when oily fats are involved, making this wine a great match with sausage dishes.  It’s also immenently quaffable when a craving for a glass of red hits you.

The winery expounds:

“Malbec finds its most typical expression in this wine. After aging in oak, the wine is bottled and placed on the market after six months, or even a year, so that it can continue to age It is a fine and elegant supple wine. Malbec, the great traditional grape variety of Argentina, gives wines with remarkable depth of color and lots of body. We have selected a raw material that allows us to produce structured wines, enhanced by aging in oak.

The body is a deep ruby red. The complex nose shows notes of spice and meat with a hint of toast. On the palate, the balance is subtle with very fine tannins giving it an aging potential of several years. It is a wine that can be enjoyed young with red meat dishes or in a few years with game dishes”

This wine is regularly sold for $12.99, but is available to wine club members for only $11.99!

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