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This month I’ve been invited to Clark College to host an updated version of the popular Wine 101 Class from Salut! to be held Tuesday, April 27th from 6:30 to 8:30pm.

The Corporate and Continuing Education programs at Clark College are taking advantage of the newest addition to their campus, a full kitchen at their new hi-tech Columbia Tech Center campus in East Vancouver.  The Cooking and Wine School programs include a wide range of inexpensive ways to enhance your knowledge repertoir.

Wine 101 is a fun 2-hour class that will demonstrate the different components of wine, 6 different grapes, different glasses, and the information that ties them all together.  How to describe flavors, how to pair wines with food, what stemware to use, and how to serve & store wines will all be covered in this informative session.  It’s only $45 per person, including wine!  Sign up today!

The Sommelier Series

In addition to Wine 101, I’ll be complimenting the coursework with three additional Sommelier Series classes for enhanced wine expertise.  These classes will extend focus on an array of grapes and regions.  Wine afficianados, restaurant and grocery store stewards, hobbyists and winery employees can earn Continuing Education Credit certificates for this trio of courses to enhance their resume and skills.   Each class features sampling of an array of 8 wines and 2 hours of instruction.

The Sommelier Series classes start with Advanced Wine Expertise on March 17th.  Each of 8 different major grapes is featured as a representation for 8 different important aspects of fine wine production such as grape clones, oak barrels, blending, geography and more.

Next up on March 24th is New World Wine Regions including the U.S., Australia, New Zealand and South America.  In this class, each region’s recent history will be featured along with the most important wines of that area.

Finally, the trio is capped on June 6th with a brand new class on Old World Wine Regions including a tour of European wines.  Experience wines from France, Italy, Spain, Germany and Portugal. 

The Sommelier Series trio is offered as a combo for just $110 for all three 2-hour sessions.

For more information:


On November 12th from 2-8pm Salut! will host our biggest tasting event ever…our first “Squatters Wine Tasting“.  We’ll take over the beautiful courtyard at the Jupiter Hotel for 6 hours to feature a stunning array of great wines at unheard-of prices with no limits, no minimums, and all open for sampling until sold out!

  • SquattersLogoup to 100 wines to sample
  • all wines 25% off while supplies last
  • Closeouts, overstocks, and other great deals
  • plus Riedel Crystal at closeout pricing
  • $15 at the door, discount tickets online

A little support during a tough economy

We’ve decided to create this event to help our distributors after a difficult year, bring our customers an exciting way to save plenty of money, and offer up a grand event to bring awareness to our online offerings.  It’s a win-win-wine event and we hope you can attend. 

Stock up for the holiday season.  We’ll have Riedel Crystal at the lowest prices anywhere online or not, to prepare you for your holiday events.  Taste test wines that you can give as holiday gifts to employees, friends & neighbors, or serve at your next party.  We’ll be on hand to answer questions and if you want we can set you up with a theme for your dinner or party plus links to recipes to match.  1 bottle each, or 6 of one, you’ll still save 25% off everyday prices.

Spread the word!

We also hope you can help spread the word.  Tell your friends and wake the neighbors.  This is one event not to miss!  Discount tickets are available online with the best discounts available when buying 6 tickets.  So get 4 friends, take your partner and sample through up to 15 of the wines for just $10 each.  Amazing!

Sign up for to follow Salut! on Twitter, or Facebook, or subscribe to this blog using the buttons to the right (on this blog’s HOME page).  You’ll receive automatic updates telling you what’s coming up and going on.  We’ve got plenty of great events planned, and you won’t want to miss them.

SalutElementDon’t forget, Salut! Wine Outlet offers the Portland/Vancouver area FREE DELIVERY of online wine purchases and special orders, including gifts & baskets, wine accessories, crystal stemware, kitchen utensils and much more.  Check out our shopping pages to peruse the 1000’s of items offered in our store.

For More Information

ViniferaLogoThose of you keeping track know that I (David Gray) have accepted a position with one of my favorite wine distributors to sell Italian wines throughout the Portland area.  Vinifera wines has a 30 year national reputation for carrying the finest Italian wines produced, including names such as Fontodi, Felsina, Valdicava, Rinaldi, Canalicchio di Sopra, Giacomo Bologna and many more.  Some of my favorite wines at Salut! Wine Co. have been selections from this catalog.

I am excited to have been invited to present some of these wines to you at Evergreen Wine Cellars this coming Friday!  For just $10, from 5-8pm, July 31st we will be sampling through a selection of 6 wines in Pam’s wonderful shop on Evergreen Blvd. (map). 

ItalianWineTasteJoin me while tasting through:

Caruso & Minini 2008 Inzolia

A refreshing and clean wine with an excellent bouquet of white fruits that leaps from the glass.  The finish is very crisp yet soft on the palate.

Caruso & Minini 2007 Nero d’Avola

This hearty Sicilian red offers rich aromas of ripe red fruit, herbs and chocolate.  It is a very juicy wine with refreshing acidity on the palate. Namesakes Stefano Caruso and Mario Minini teamed up in 2002 to revamp the wines of this 19th century winery in Marsala to produce great value wines from indigenous grapes as well as a line of reserves that shows off a range of blends and terroir-driven wines.

Mormoraia 2006 Vernaccia di San Gimignano

9 months of oak aging allow the ample structure to develop, while harmonious flavors of toasted almonds, apple, dried fruits and melon blend as well.

Mormoraia 2006 Chianti Colli Senesi

Aromas of ripe fruit, spice, plum and tobacco greet the taster, with mouth-filling body to pair with roasted and barbequed red meats, casseroles, and charcuterie.  The outstanding value wines of Mormoraia are sure to impress.  With vineyards situated in the heart of Tuscany, and a panoramic view of the beauty of the Chianti hills and San Gimignano towers, they produce world-class olive oils as well as delicious Sangiovese and Vernaccia red and white wines.

Pra 2006 Soave Classico Superiore Monte Grande

There are few if any Soave examples this rich, powerful and savory.  A match like no other for tasty fish, Pasta e fagioli, soups and white meats.  Located in the heart of the Soave region, in Verona, is the team of two brothers.  One is a skilled modern oenologist, the other a talented vineyard manager recognized for the invention of new training systems for vines.  Their obstinace, devotion, experience and passion place them among the best Soave wine interpreters.

Canalicchio di Sopra 2006 Rosso di Montalcino

Still-youthful fruits display dried aromatics with light sage and dusty berry.  Firm acidity is balanced with a full-bodied palate.  Grandfather Primo Panceti has left his relatively new (1977) and small (15 hectares) winery & vineyards to his grandchildren Simonetta, Marco and Francesco who run the operation today.  His position in leadership at the consortiums of Montalcino winemaking hint at the greatness in the firm traditions exhibited in the wines here.

The tasting will be Friday, July 31 from 5-8pm at Evergreen Wine Cellars, 2608 E. Evergreen Blvd. in Vancouver.  Call Pam at 360-993-8880 for more details.

Those of you who attended the fun wine tastings at Salut! Wine Co. and enjoyed the wines selected by myself and our vendors can look forward to a coming tasting at Evergreen Wine Cellars on July 31st!

Now that I represent the wines of my favorite Portland-based Italian wine catalog, I have selected a special set of 6 wines to share including my favorites Canalicchio di Sopra Rosso di Montalcino, Fontodi Chianti Classico, and another red, two white wines and a sweeter dessert selection (TBA). 

The tasting will be Friday, July 31 from 5-8pm at Evergree Wine Cellars, 2608 E. Evergreen Blvd. in Vancouver.  Call Pam at 360-993-8880 for more details.

Profiles of the wines we will feature will be posted soon!


1.  When returning home, drink wine before and after kissing your children. 


2.  Do not drink wine clearly marked with standing pigs on the label (flying pigs are OK…bird flu is not transmitted in wine.)


3.  Avoid sharing your wine with pigs, no matter how classy they may appear.


4.  Never let a pig use your wine glass holder necklace


5.  When in doubt, open a second bottle of cheap wine for the pig and serve a different bottle to your more “human-type” guests.


In 2008 at Salut! Wine Co. we rounded up a number of recipes for similar Bleu Cheese and Bacon Dip, combining them in different ways and serving them up at our Friday night wine tasting events to test each new iteration on the 50 or 60 guests in attendance. With each passing week, we got closer and closer to the right combination of ingredients and methods until this recipe was determined to be the best we could produce.

bluecheese1We sold the fresh recipe in our store, so we didn’t let the secret recipe out of our hands…until now.  Our Salut! Wine Co. Bleu Cheese Bacon Dip Recipe is now posted on our website at!  You’ll love the bold, creamy and savory flavors. For many of our guests, it created a new appreciation for Bleu Cheese!

Now that you have access to The Recipe, there are plenty of ways to serve it up. We used an ice-cream scoop to serve it as part of our “Double Dip” plate aside fresh baguette slices and crackers. But try these ideas as well…

  • Spread a little on top of crostini, then top with a slice of roast beef and top with a bit of diced tomato
  • Serve it up with celery, broccoli and carrots for dipping
  • Spread it on burgers off the grill or in stuffed burger recipes
  • Whip a tiny portion of it with some fresh butter for a bit of extra creamy flair at a dinner event.
  • Slice open a boneless skinless chicken breast and spread some dip and crushed pecan bits inside, then bake, grill or fry them
  • Add the bleu cheese crumbles later in the recipe, then scoop the dip with a melon baller and serve it alongside steaks
  • Scoop it into penne pasta with chunks of chicken for a quick entree
  • Roast it into cubed potatoes
  • Slice baked baby red potatoes in half (and slice a bit off the round end to allow it to sit without rocking), scoop out the middle with a melon baller, and put a dollop of dip in the middle for a wonderful appetizer!

Check out Wikipedia for more information about Bleu Cheese, or visit some of the best local producers online:  The Blue Heron French Cheese Company of Tillamook, Oregon, or Rogue Creamery of Southern Oregon.
Find out How Bacon Is Made with this online video.

Would you like to see how bleu cheese is made?  Here’s a short 6 min. video from!

Unfortunately is has come time for Salut! Wine Co. to bid farewell to the Vancouver retail market after 7 years. Too many forces came together to prevent me from continuing a presence here. My store will close as of 6pm on Saturday, March 28th.

sale0906Friday, March 27th will start a 50% off sale for everything left.

Plenty of wine is still here! We hope you have a chance to visit and pick up some of the hand-selected wines one last time.

The internet now provides Salut! with opportunities to continue to exist, with our blog and ebay store. We hope you’ll continue to check in for great wine information and wonderful products and accessories that can be sent directly to your home.

Thank you to everyone in Vancouver who supported my locally owned and operated business. Let me know if I can still help you in any way to find what you’re looking for!

David Gray.

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